Sidekicks Furrrrever

words Julie Johnson
photographs courtesy of C.A.R.E. Animal Rescue

No matter the storyline, when the plot thickens, sidekicks make us braver. If you haven’t yet found your deputy dog, consider meeting these potential pals currently stationed at C.A.R.E. Animal Rescue. Visit the Rescue’s website to learn more about adopting Buddy, Sasha, Tobias or Ansel.



Buddy would make the best sidekick because he enjoys cuddling, loves hiking, and is ready at a moment’s notice for a good ol’ car ride. He’s also seen his share of trying times in his young life. “We received word that a dog we had previously rescued four years ago had been surrendered to a kill shelter in Nevada, Mo.,” says communications manager Rob Hardy. “A C.A.R.E. volunteer drove to pick him up before he was euthanized. Now, Buddy is looking for a new home.” Buddy likes having dog friends. Buddy does not like cats. This shows his prowess of discernment.



Sasha would make the best sidekick because she’s a smarty pants who can sniff out treats with time left on the clock. She gets along well with other dogs, knows basic commands, and has a few fun tricks up her sleeve. Like Buddy, Sasha’s story is one of rescue before being euthanized. “She was blind and suffering from a terrible skin infection,” says Hardy. “We immediately took her to see our veterinarian, where she was diagnosed with allergies.” Sasha was prescribed a one-a-day medicine she will continue to need at her forever home. “Some of her hair loss may be permanent, but we make sure to tell her how beautiful she is each and every day,” Hardy says. Though blind, Sasha’s other senses step up to the plate, helping her to remember where she’s going and why. Sasha’s hope list includes a fenced-in yard, where she can plot the next play.



Tobias would make the best sidekick because he LOVES. TO. PLAY. One of his top wishes is for a toy box filled with toys. He is also loyal, protective and smart. “Oh, Tobias! He is such a good boy,” Hardy says. “He is probably one of the smartest dogs you’ll ever meet. He learns quickly and is so devoted to his person that he watches them intently for what they want him to do. He is always trying to please the person he’s with and craves their attention.” Because of his protective nature (i.e. job of a sidekick), Tobias isn’t here to make animal friends. He needs to be the lone wolf at his forever home.



Ansel would make the best sidekick because he had rough beginnings but is learning to overcome them. “He didn’t know the loving touch of good people and was very scared when we first saved him,” Hardy says. “This boy is slowly coming out of his shell and turning into a sweet little pup.” Once Ansel learns your name and such, he is full of smiles and kisses. He’s learning to play with toys, but he loves, loves, loves to play with other dogs. Ansel’s wish list is to have a dog brother or sister in his new forever home so he can be comfortable and learn all there is to know about being a dog. “He may be a little shy at first,” Hardy says, “but a bit a patience and a whole lot of love will turn him into your best friend.” And best sidekick.

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