Household Chemical Collection Center

Last year was a time of deep, deep, deep cleaning at the Johnson house. Imagine finding aged chemicals older than you. Camping fuel? Fertilizer? We had it all. But what do you do with it all, right? For those residents of Greene, Christian, Dallas, Polk and Webster counties, you make an appointment at the Household Chemical Collection Center and let them discard of the chemicals properly. For more information, visit their website. Make an appointment by calling 417.864.2000. The employees are so nice and so helpful. You drive up to the door, and they unload the items from your ride. Have questions about my experience? Comment below.

2 responses to “Household Chemical Collection Center”

  1. I actually just took a small load there last week! My favorite thing is that they take flourescent bulbs for free.

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    1. Yes! I am surprised what they will accept. I’ve been there severallll times with a liquid or two I couldn’t begin to guess about. They are happy to help.


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