Plantar Fasciitis

A little over a year ago, my right foot hurt so badly I could barely walk. I researched the pain online (not recommended), but eventually made an appointment with a local podiatrist. I learned my feet are very flexible; I have a bone spur in my heel, but it’s the bone spur to have; and plantar fasciitis was the culprit of my intense pain.

Though I agreed to have a cortisone shot (twice — the second was at the follow-up visit), the doctor gave me several other bits of advice. I found three such examples that I can confidently say healed my heel: ABCs, ice, great insoles. 1) Before you hop out of bed in the morning, use your foot to draw each and every letter of the alphabet, he said. This elementary exercise stretches the plantar fascia, a band of tissue that connects your heel bone to your toes. I continue with the ABCs often, and this practice keeps the pain away. 2) Fill an empty soup can with water, freeze it, place your foot on it, and roll, he said. It’s not meant to be an ice pack, and I used an old water bottle instead of the can. This also stretches, but it also helps with inflammation. It felt so good. 3) Add a great insole to your good, supportive shoes (Asics, anyone?) I purchased my insole at the doctor’s office. Trust me, you need cushioning. Also, I asked a lot of questions before the cortisone shot. Nothing about it appealed to me, except how it would likely help heal my heel. I have almost passed out at medical facilities way more than I care to admit. My doctor froze an area of my foot before the shot, which made the procedure bearable.