#GiveLocal: Family Through Faith Farm

“I hope our food brings joy,” says Andrew McGowan, founder and farmer at Family Through Faith Farm. “I am a foodie. I love what great food can do to someone emotionally.”

“… I love the idea that maybe a person who wouldn’t have a roof over their head for the night sat down and bit into that fresh BLT or those perfectly fried potatoes and had a moment where the troubles and hardship of life faded away. Maybe that food brought a little comfort or memories of better times. Maybe life seemed less harsh. And maybe they slept better that night with a stomach full of food grown for them.e was always the entrepreneur of our family, and I would value his opinion so much. More than even talking, I would enjoy the chance to sit back and observe him with my boys and listen to him and Jason crack jokes. What a joy that would be.”

#GIveLocal with Family Through Faith Farm

Read: Family Through Faith Farm in the October issue.

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