#ShopLocal: Flora Bloom Market

“I would for sure want to sit at the Thanksgiving table this year with my dad, Herb. He passed away when I was 21 years old. He never got to meet my husband, Jason, or my two little boys,” says Kelly Flora, owner of Flora Bloom Market. “We would laugh at all the crazy stories of parenthood, and I would thank him for the lessons he was trying to teach me when I was younger.

“We would talk about business. He was always the entrepreneur of our family, and I would value his opinion so much. More than even talking, I would enjoy the chance to sit back and observe him with my boys and listen to him and Jason crack jokes. What a joy that would be.”

#ShopLocal with flora Bloom Market

Read: Flora Bloom Market in the May issue.

  • Headbands and accessories designed with moms in mind.
  • New holiday-themed headbands and earrings release this month on the website.
  • Non-holiday items are released almost weekly as people shop for their friends and family this season.
  • Specials on the website for Small Business Saturday on Nov. 27

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