Which Hazel?

Which Hazel?

Witch Hazel.

Last summer, I read about how witch hazel can be an effective reliever of itchy, annoying, aggravating bug bites. Since I am a dream buffet to mosquitoes and chiggers alike, I gave it a whirl. It did assist in helping reduce itching, though I still woke up some nights irritated at the bites.

Come to find out, it works even better on freshly shaved skin. I spread some on immediately after shaving to reduce razor burn.

AND, I have found it to prevent and decrease blemishes, something I have put up with for much of my life. I began going to a dermatologist several years ago, but I didn’t schedule a follow-up date last year. Instead, I began using witch hazel as an astringent. Now that it’s February, I use it less often; only when needed.


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