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Complete the inquiry form at the bottom of this page, or send me an email at julie@jumajowritingcompany.com. I look forward to working with you.

I read an article in college about Emily Dickinson and how she compared herself to a scientist. Instead of chemicals, Dickinson created with words, punctuation, white space. Brilliant.

Look at me now. Years later, I continue to challenge myself not only in the craft I have always loved, but in graphic design, as well. While pursuing my master’s degree at Missouri State University, I was given the ridiculously remarkable opportunity to work alongside talented graphic designers (both student and professional) who threw back the curtain just enough to help me realize how much I enjoy both writing and designing.

Allow me the opportunity to work for you as a freelance writer, editor/proofreader, graphic designer. Your vision + my creativity is what your project needs to be audaciously you.

Writer, editor, designer

As founder and editor in chief of HOMEGROWN JOURNAL, I invited people to write about their life experiences; edited each piece for clarity, voice, grammar and style; and designed for digital content, as well as printed pieces. With each story, my hope was for shared experiences to bolster confidence and encourage perseverance in individual journeys.

In addition to keeping a calendar of upcoming events, I designed the monthly newsletter to feature writings by congregants. I would also write short blurbs and interview the cover person.

When I began as a graduate assistant at then-Southwest Missouri State University, I gathered and edited information and articles for BearTalk, a publication sent to supporters of SMS athletics. By the end of my tenure, I had redesigned the publication and was also writing features for the sports-themed piece, something which was outside my comfort zone.

A Heap Of Good

A forever goal of mine is to change our world for the better. After reading Dear Mr. Knightley by Katherine Reay, I began pondering the notion: What if someday I could be part of a foundation, allowing others to not only ponder fantastic notions and dreams, but to realize them, as well? Until that day happens, it seems the next right thing to do is give a lift — a heap of good, if you will — to folks who show up making a difference in the here and now.

I’m inviting you to help me do a heap of good. For each invoice billed, 10% of the subtotal will be given to a worthy cause. Win-win.


As a graduate assistant at then-Southwest Missouri State University, I was given the priceless experience of interviewing people and writing stories way, way, way outside my circle. I was gifted the opportunity to talk to people in the business college, student-athletes, coaches, those in the sciences. I also enjoyed speaking with Elvis Presley’s former guitarist, an alumnus who was part of the Oscars and a local musician who was working to make it big.


IRF Transport

Stephanie wanted a simple website to begin, with the option of add ons later. In follow-up emails, we talked about websites Stephanie and Travis liked, as well as websites they didn’t. I asked for specific reasons why. My goal was to create a fitting website for the shipping industry while delivering a stand-out site personalized to IRF Transport.

Social Media
As manager, I am using Facebook to help customers and potential customers learn what IRF Transport does and how the family business can help others accomplish objectives. 

Though a business card had already been created, due to technical issues, the design had been, well, misplaced. I provided four different designs and asked Stephanie and Travis to choose one, decline them all or mix and match. After a couple of edits, the business cards went to print.

The brochure is meant to be a companion to the website. Travis wanted a tangible piece to give to prospective clients as he meets them.

To Recap

  • Let’s work together to write something worthy of your audience: a fictional story featuring your child, an article for a magazine, a feature for a blog.
  • Or, allow me to edit what you have already written.
  • I also create graphics and page layouts for print pieces, such as postcards, invitations, posters and magazine layouts.
  • I play well with Microsoft Word and Adobe InDesign. I also know my way around Adobe PhotoshopWordPress won’t hold me back. I am actively learning about SEO (search engine optimization).
  • I have used Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter as marketing tools.
  • I work well with paper companies and print houses.
  • I have the degrees: Master’s of Writing (Technical) and a Bachelor’s of Science in English + a minor in journalism.

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