Writer, Editor, Graphic Designer

One of my first pieces of writing told the story of my elementary school principal turning into a vampire overnight. I don’t remember the circumstances, but I am confident my imagination has always been, well, expressive.

I read an article in college about Emily Dickinson and how she compared herself to a scientist. Instead of chemicals, Dickinson created with words, punctuation, white space. Brilliant.

Look at me now. Years later, I continue to challenge myself not only in the craft I have always loved, but in graphic design, as well. While pursuing my master’s degree at Missouri State University, I was given the ridiculously remarkable opportunity to work alongside talented graphic designers (both student and professional) who threw back the curtain just enough to help me realize how much I enjoy both writing and designing.

Allow me the opportunity to work for you as a freelance writer, editor/proofreader, graphic designer. Your vision + my creativity is what your project needs to be audaciously you.

A Heap Of Good

A forever goal of mine is to change our world for the better. After reading Dear Mr. Knightley by Katherine Reay, I began pondering the notion: What if someday I could be part of a foundation, allowing others to not only ponder fantastic notions and dreams, but to realize them, as well? Until that day happens, it seems the next right thing to do is give a lift — a heap of good, if you will — to local nonprofits whose people show up making a difference in the here and now.

I’m inviting you to help me do a heap of good. For each invoice billed, 10% of the total cost will be given to a nonprofit. I will provide names of nonprofits, and you can choose which will receive #AHeapofGood. Win-win.

If work being done is for a registered 501(c)(3) organization, that nonprofit will receive a 5% discount off the subtotal. Then, we will decide what second organization will receive #AHeapofGood at 5% of the total cost. A win-win-win.

To Recap

  • Let’s work together to write something worthy of your audience: a fictional story featuring your child, an article for a magazine, a feature for a blog.
  • Or, allow me to edit what you have already written.
  • I also create graphics and page layouts for print pieces, such as postcards, invitations, posters and magazine layouts.
  • I play well with Microsoft Word and Adobe InDesign. I also know my way around Adobe PhotoshopWordPress won’t hold me back. I am actively learning about SEO (search engine optimization).
  • I have used Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter as marketing tools.
  • I work well with paper companies and print houses.
  • I have the degrees: Master’s of Writing (Technical) and a Bachelor’s of Science in English + a minor in journalism.

Your Move

Complete the inquiry form below or send me an email at julie@jumajowritingcompany.com. I look forward to working with you.

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