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Homegrown Journal is on mission to encourage each of us to lead lives worthy of our calling. Every issue features writers who tell their stories with the expectant hope that shared experiences will rally us to persevere in our aspirations, empower us to move beyond the giants in our paths, to be bold in loving our neighbors.

In August, we share stories and experiences of people used by God for His glory.

You are invited to stay awhile.

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You’ve read it. Now tell us why you couldn’t put it down. In 50 words or less, let readers know how a book impacted you, why it was a fun read, what it taught you, why we should read it too. Up to three books per issue. Send us an email for more information and to sign up ~>> editor@homegrownjournal.com.

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Where are you going? Show&Tell us places to go, things to do, foods to eat. Whether you are at the top of the Empire State Building on Valentine’s Day or at the Top of the Rock this weekend, we want to see what you see. Share with our readers your list of must sees and must dos. BONUS: Or, let your kids borrow the camera and invite them to be our tour guides. Send us an email for more information and to sign up ~>> editor@homegrownjournal.com

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We each have a story to tell, whether it’s rainbows and butterflies or heartbreaks and minefields. Though not the same words, we believe shared experiences can help and heal, encourage and inspire. Consider writing for Homegrown Journal. For a list of upcoming topics, send us an email ~>> editor@homegrownjournal.com.


  • From the Editor: Used People, Danger: Ripe Tomato, Planted: Cherokee Sunset Rudbeckia, Jumajo Writing Company

    From the Editor: Used People, Danger: Ripe Tomato, Planted: Cherokee Sunset Rudbeckia, Jumajo Writing Company

    Used People A few nights ago, I finished reading The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom, Holland’s first licensed woman watchmaker, born to a watchmaker dad who was born to a watchmaker dad. After her mom passed away and other siblings moved out, she lived in the family home with her older sister Betsie and […]

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  • Good Times August + Local Food + Drug Disposal

    Good Times August + Local Food + Drug Disposal

    Good Times August RepublicBluegrass & BBQAug. 5, 5:30-8:30 p.m., All agesCommunity CenterAdmission is a donation of unscented baby wipes. Cost for food is extra.More information: 417.732.5993  Enjoy No Reservations food truck; silent auction with items from local businesses; and bluegrass music from award-winning Lonesome Road and Chigger Creek. Benefits Republic Pregnancy Resource Center.  MindenminesGuided Bison […]

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  • Leap of Faith

    Leap of Faith

    I currently have a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree as a family nurse practitioner. I work as fulltime faculty for Herzing University in the online family nurse practitioner program. words + photographs AMBER ENNIS Looking back over my life, I can see God’s hand guiding me to where I am today, but I never would […]

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  • The In Between

    The In Between

    I have always loved the idea of traveling, and  I spent about a year convinced being a commercial pilot was God’s plan for me.  words + photographs RAGYN WIRTZ I was halfway through my senior year in high school, desperate to start planning the next step in life. I was terrified and stressed out; everyone […]

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  • My Life, Used

    My Life, Used

    Years of putting my faith into money, men, alcohol, drugs, the occult. My life was a disaster. But I can testify that’s when God can show up, and shine His light. words + photographs JODEE DORROUGH After many years, everything I learned, desired, strived for, everything I had sown in the darkness, the life I […]

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  • Mavericks + Mazdas: Meaning in the Mundane

    Mavericks + Mazdas: Meaning in the Mundane

    Top Gun’s the kind of movie that inspires us to drive our cars like they’re meant to fly. “It’s not the plane; it’s the pilot,” I think to myself as I shift from fourth gear to fifth, willing my Mazda 3 heavenward. But to my surprise, I’ve yet to experience liftoff. Maverick’s story is epic: […]

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  • Trust And Fear Not, For God Is

    Trust And Fear Not, For God Is

    I have experienced many blessings in this life, but I have also faced formidable storms. Perhaps you understand. I have often heard it said if you are not coming out of a storm, or currently in a storm, expect a storm will be coming. words + photograph NANCY EASTER I was blessed to have been […]

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