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Homegrown Journal is on mission to encourage each of us to lead lives worthy of our calling. Every issue features writers who tell their stories with the expectant hope that shared experiences will rally us to persevere in our aspirations, empower us to move beyond the giants in our paths, to be bold in loving our neighbors.

In June, we share stories and experiences of when it seemed the Lord forgot, but His eyes were on us for His glory.

You are invited to stay awhile.

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You’ve read it. Now tell us why you couldn’t put it down. In 50 words or less, let readers know how a book impacted you, why it was a fun read, what it taught you, why we should read it too. Up to three books per issue. Send us an email for more information and to sign up ~>> editor@homegrownjournal.com.

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Where are you going? Show&Tell us places to go, things to do, foods to eat. Whether you are at the top of the Empire State Building on Valentine’s Day or at the Top of the Rock this weekend, we want to see what you see. Share with our readers your list of must sees and must dos. BONUS: Or, let your kids borrow the camera and invite them to be our tour guides. Send us an email for more information and to sign up ~>> editor@homegrownjournal.com

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We each have a story to tell, whether it’s rainbows and butterflies or heartbreaks and minefields. Though not the same words, we believe shared experiences can help and heal, encourage and inspire. Consider writing for Homegrown Journal. For a list of upcoming topics, send us an email ~>> editor@homegrownjournal.com.


  • From the Editor: Eyes on Me, Butterfly House, Planted

    From the Editor: Eyes on Me, Butterfly House, Planted

    Eyes on Me It was the house that would not sell. It was no longer a home, with the highway in the front yard. It wasn’t seen by potential buyers as a business because, well, it looked like a family should be eating together inside. And the year was 2008. My parents didn’t want to […]

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  • 4 Life-giving Insights to Becoming a Better Leader Anyone Can Implement Today

    4 Life-giving Insights to Becoming a Better Leader Anyone Can Implement Today

    LEADERSHIP PRINCIPLES FROM MATTHEW’S GOSPEL In a few months, I will assume the leadership of the member care team at my mission agency’s mobilization center. While scripture is replete with leadership principles, Matthew’s gospel is my current focus of study. Therefore, I offer four leadership principles from the life of Jesus as told by Matthew.

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  • Forgotten Ones

    Forgotten Ones

    FIVE weeks into the COVID-19 lockdown, I received an unusual text. It was from an unknown number, but that was normal. The organization I work for was running an emergency food bank. The message came in through the emergency number, but it happened to be redirected to my personal cell. Usually those messages read, “Are […]

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  • WAR


    Gabi, a lively lady with a smile that immediately put me at ease, came into my life about a month after I moved to Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina. I met her while attempting to learn more about my neighborhood gym. While she rode the stationary bike, she translated the details of a gym membership. We quickly became […]

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  • Never Alone

    Never Alone

    “So many times I’ve questioned certain circumstances or things I could not understand. Many times, in trials, weakness blurs my vision, and my frustration gets so out of hand. It’s then I am reminded I’ve never been forsaken. I’ve never had to stand one test alone. As I look at all the victories, the Spirit […]

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  • The Letter

    The Letter

    Oftentimes, when we lose a loved one, we go through periods of anger, frustration and grief. Time heals, but nothing can really replace her physical presence and vibrancy she brought to life, this side of heaven. But I am a firm believer God puts people and or objects along our path at the right time […]

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  • In the Wilderness

    In the Wilderness

    I’m a highly-functioning, anxious depressive. Doesn’t that sound fun? I hide it extremely well — the gift of being considered highly-functional. No one sees the panic flaring in my chest as my carefully-controlled world descends into chaos or the agonizing oppression that weighs me down when too happy becomes so, so sad. I’m guessing that […]

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  • Mental Health for Each of Us

    Mental Health for Each of Us

    We appreciate the time taken by Joann Weston, MA, LPC, a licensed professional counselor at Eaglecrest Counseling Center in Springfield, Missouri, to help us begin a conversation about mental health, as well as offer ideas on how we can support, love and encourage those who have been diagnosed with depression. We hear about “mental health” […]

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  • Our Beautiful God: gives me His undivided attention, knows my name, loves me deeply

    Our Beautiful God: gives me His undivided attention, knows my name, loves me deeply

    Have you ever thought to yourself that God had forgotten about you? How did you process this? How did you protect yourself from being overwhelmed by your thoughts? If you are anything like me, not only have you felt forgotten by God, but you’ve had to wrestle through your thoughts on how to address the […]

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  • A Conversation with Author Gabrielle Martin

    A Conversation with Author Gabrielle Martin

    Gabrielle Martin, executive director of the Burrell Foundation in Springfield, Missouri, is married to her high school sweetheart, Eric, and mom to two daughters, Alivia and Colette. She is an event planner, philanthropist and marketing enthusiast who likes a good challenge and hopes to inspire others to push boundaries and never stop achieving.  As a […]

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