Dennis Brotherton

Victory Mission
Springfield, Missouri

I have enjoyed doing volunteer work at Victory Mission + Ministry for about six years.  My wife and I retired from serving as missionaries in East Asia in 2014 and moved to Springfield to see what opportunities for ministries God would open up for us. 

words + photographs DENNIS BROTHERTON

Our daughter was working at Victory Mission at the time and asked if our small group at Ridgecrest Baptist Church would be interested in helping serve food one night a month at the Victory Center. We prayed about it, and our small group members were excited about getting involved. We provided funds for the meal once a month and about 10 people went and served food. Later, we started leading the worship service before the meal, and several of our members became involved with music and testimonies. We enjoyed the personal contact we had with the people who came for meals. We would pass out blank cards, and people could write out their prayer requests. Many people each week would give us their requests and then we would share them with others in our small group so we could remember to pray for each individual request. Several veterans shared with us their struggles they faced daily and asked for prayer. Serving others gave us opportunities to meet people who were facing daily struggles for survival, and we could encourage them and pray for them. 

Serving others gave us opportunities to meet people who were facing daily struggles for survival, and we could encourage them and pray for them. 

>> I am grateful for the work of Victory Mission <<

Now, I am teaching a Bible class each Monday night at Victory Square. We are discussing issues related to personal identity and worth. Recently, one man came up after class and asked if I would pray for his family. We started talking, and he expressed a desire to ask Jesus into his heart. It was a great joy to pray with him. 

Serving at Victory is a wonderful blessing to me because I get to interact with people that many times I would never meet anywhere else. I am grateful for the work of Victory Mission, as they are trying to give men and women a hand up to bring hope and restoration to many lives and families. DB

Victory Mission + Ministry shares God’s love through intentional relationships for the restoration of a brokenhearted world. Its goal is to teach those who are facing homelessness how to be independent and to give them the tools they need to rebuild their lives. For more information how you can be involved, click this space. If you or someone you know would like to speak with someone about the programs at Victory Mission, click this space.

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