Pink Bumble Bee Cherry Tomatoes

Hear me. I cannot see myself becoming an expert gardener. I laughed off the completely ridiculous notion of Master Gardener. However, I will try, try, try again. I also vow to expand my garden interests, experiment with different varieties and learn, learn, learn. This year, one of the newcomers is the pink bumble bee tomato from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. My mom says the unripe cherry tomato looks like a watermelon. My mom is correct. A teeny, tiny, little, cute-as-can-be watermelon. One of the “we’ll just see what happens” ideas I had this year was to allow vegetables and flowers to hangout in the same garden. So far, so good. I have several hard-working, there-each-morning worker bees, pollinating this and that. Finally. It took time for the bees to show up, but I am thankful they are here. // Julie Johnson