Three Bracelets

Three bracelets.

One copper. One silver. One gold-plated.

words + photographs GRACE LEE

The copper bracelet was the first one I started wearing, and it says, “Faithful.” I felt like I was doing what He wanted me to, and yet I didn’t matter. That He really didn’t care about me. It seemed as though everywhere I looked, I was seeing others receiving His faithfulness, and I was left on the sideline. I knew I needed something to remind me God is faithful, to who He is, and He really and truly cares about me and what I am going through. I also needed to be reminded to be faithful to God. Just because I wasn’t seeing Him move in my life or didn’t feel like He was moving, my feelings did not mean he wasn’t. So many times when I am going through something, I feel like God has abandoned me. Yet, he tells me He is always there for me and watching over me. Oh, how I need this constant and diligent reminder my God is faithful.     

I need to be reminded my God is the God of the storm, just as He is the God of sunshine and rainbows.

My second bracelet says, “Devoted,” and is silver. God is so devoted to me He sent His Son to die for me. How can I lose sight of this? And yet, I do. I need this bracelet to remind my flesh there is no one more devoted to me than my God. And where is my devotion? Being a wife and mother, it is easy to display more devotion to my family than to God. It is so much easier to spend time with someone you can physically see, touch and feel. I lose sight of God’s devotion in the midst of the daily chaos of life. I so often want to escape to the world of nothing. Do you know that world? It is the world where something is occupying your mind so you don’t have to be alone with your own thoughts. I like to escape to the world of Netflix, where I can get lost in any type of story I wish and not have to think about my own. It is so easy for me to take my eyes off God and put them on the world: “I don’t have that. Ooooo, I want that! How come they have ____?” fill in the blank with whatever you might want but don’t need. When I forget about God and how earnestly devoted He is to me, I forget He is really all I need. It seems silly I need a daily reminder to myself, like a bracelet, that God sent Jesus to earth to die for me, but I do.

TOP Grace Lee with her husband, Rich. Read Rich’s article from the June issue here. BELOW Grace Lee with her family in Michigan.

The third bracelet I wear is gold-plated and says, “God of the Storm.” As a child, my older brother loved to dunk me when we would go swimming. I am thankful we didn’t often go to the creek to swim at the same time, but when we were both there, I knew what was coming. He would sweetly call my name, as I was moving away as fast as I could. Once he caught me, I knew I would be held under, lifted and told, “Take a breath,” and shoved back under before I could get actually take a full breath. (You’re right, I don’t really like being under water now.) This is the same feeling I get from the world. I don’t feel like I ever get to catch my breath between times of being thrust back down. It seems as though I have way more storms than I do sunshine. I need this bracelet because I need to be reminded my God is the God of the storm, just as He is the God of sunshine and rainbows. I love the song Praise You in This Storm by Casting Crowns because it’s a reminder I need to praise God in the valley, just like I do on the mountaintop. The song inspired me to get this bracelet.

The constant, tangible reminder from my bracelets helps me keep things in perspective and remember who I belong to and who is always watching over me. For I know my God is many things, including faithful, devoted, God of the storm. GL

Grace Lee and her husband, Rich, live in Michigan and have been in ministry since 1996. Grace loves craft projects, especially yarn, and her favorite thing is her triangle loom.

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