Waiting for Double Marshmallows

I am like all the kids who eat the first marshmallow — you know — from those experiments. Experimenters (or parents) set one sweet treat in front of a child with the promise that, if the child waits until the adult returns, the child can have two treats.

words + photographs TAYLOR CORCORAN

Like kids waiting to eat marshmallows, I have found it REALLY hard to wait on God and His perfect plans for my life.

God’s people are often commanded to wait — not because God is conducting an experiment, but because He knows the wait will be worth it. Through my journey, I’ve learned patiently waiting on God leads to a reward far better than two marshmallows: GOD HIMSELF and His perfected plan of redemption for His people. HE is the Better Thing. Waiting on God always leads to double marshmallows.

Taylor Corcoran with her husband, Colby, picking apples in Virginia.

I began one of the hardest waits of my life three years ago when my husband and I were married and moving across the country where my husband had a promising job. Embarking into marriage in a new place had its natural challenges, but the biggest challenge came when we sensed a spiritual battle around us we felt we were fighting alone. Though family and friends were praying for us, we felt unaided by others living with us in the fight.

I grew desperate, depressed, and bitter. I begged God to change our circumstances, send us spiritual warriors, and win the fight. I wanted my marshmallow of deliverance immediately.

But God said wait.

I couldn’t fathom why God would make us wait through such an ugly, spiritual battle. Couldn’t He change our circumstances in an instant? Wouldn’t a powerful God who hates sin and darkness desire victory?

Little did I know God DID desire a victory. He wasn’t ignoring me or the darkness we faced. He was fighting a battle I couldn’t see, a battle inside of me.

When my situation seemed dark and hopeless, I began spending lots of time with God in His Word and in prayer. During that time, I truthfully felt I had nowhere else to go. But as I spent more time with God, my despair turned to hope. Tears of bitterness turned to tears of gladness. My situation had not changed, but suddenly I felt satisfied, like a kid with TWO marshmallows. I believe God led me to wait without immediately changing my circumstances because He knew my heart toward Him needed to change. God wanted ME to love and desire Him above all else — even above winning spiritual victories in His name. God wanted me to come to Him, not out of spiritual obligation, but to enjoy Him because HE is the Better Thing. He was the double marshmallow I didn’t realize I was waiting for.

“You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore,” (Psalm 16:11).

At Christmas, we celebrate Jesus, the long-awaited but perfect Treasure. He is the Better Thing. Through Jesus, men and women can stand in God’s presence and enjoy Him forever — enjoy His peace, joy, hope, strength, resources, guidance, comfort, and life.

“But they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint,” (Isaiah 40:31).

As I write this, the spiritual battle I first faced three years ago is still being waged and many days seem dark.

I’m still waiting.

Taylor Corcoran with her husband, parents and sister, Kelsey Kleier, enjoying a cool treat.

But I rejoice knowing through battle I HAVE the Prince of Peace, The Everlasting Father, The Wonderful Counselor. He’s already filled me with marshmallowy blessings, teaching me to depend on Him and LETTING ME enjoy His presence. Struggle leads me to a deep hope in Him that grows sweeter with the plunge. The victory is mine because Jesus is mine.

I learned this through the wait.

His way is worth waiting for. HE is worth waiting for. HE is better than a thousand marshmallows or whatever you’re waiting for.

Just wait, and you’ll see.

“Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good! Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him,” (Psalm 34:8). TC

Taylor Corcoran, a Midwest native, is married to Colby and works in church ministry. She loves bringing people together, being outside, and playing the guitar.

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