Move. That. Rock.

When I noticed this barely-outta-the-ground crocus lifting a *heavy* rock into the air, my mind began racing with all the motivational, inspirational, you-are-stronger-than-you-think-you-are words I could type. WHAT IF, I thought, what if I shifted the idea a smidge and said instead, “You are stronger than you’ve been led to believe”? Like, let’s kick all the bullies in the shin.

But it’s all quite me-me-me, isn’t it?

Perhaps what the Lord is using this crocus sprig and this *monstrous* rock to show me is the gifts I have been given are not about me. Instead, what if the Lord has given me the grit to muster up some strength to propel a huge, muscle-zapping obstacle out of the way so a friend, neighbor, enemy can grow and thrive and bloom? What if this gravity-defying feat leaves me tattered in the dust but gives the crocus beside me space to flourish?

Whatever the lesson to be learned, it seems the Lord wishes my eyes to be on Him rather than myself, while remaining steadfast in my thankfulness for what He gives.

John 15:13 —


Julie Johnson

4 responses to “Move. That. Rock.”

  1. I love this. We can lend our God-given strength to others so ALL of the flowers may thrive.❤️

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    1. Yes! Because why not? Seems like to me it would only bring beauty to the world. Thank you for taking the time to comment, Traci!


  2. What an encouraging nugget! Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Thank YOU for reading, Brenda Lei!


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