Received a call a couple weeks ago from the guy who is going to help with some landscaping updates in the ol’ yard. With alllll the garden-loving rain, I wasn’t expecting to hear from him in May. But there we were, talking on the phone. He said he was ready to begin working the. next. day. I said, “That’s so great, but we have a hiccup with the plan.”

A week and a half later, we have baby American Robins! Three of them. #ProudWindowWatcher They are hungry, hungry birds too. Young robins can eat up to 14 feet of earthworms each day, according to Cosley Zoo. #EatLikeABabyBird Also, according to Journey North, cats, pesticides, hawks, owls, blue jays, crows and snakes are some of the dangers facing these little cuties. #BackOff

Grow, little robins, grow.